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Thursday, 20 February 2014

A good luck term

It may be a coincidence, good luck or whatever else. The most important thing is that it is reality. Students in my EAP course chose two priorities for this term last Monday. Their priorities are: “Academic English” and “Creative Thinking”! There seems to be no better time to start this blog than now…

Here is a sample of the first discussion students had in our course discussion forum after the class:

- I was thinking about it and I am not sure that it is what we really wanted. My friend was right that we need to practice everything including presenting, soft skills, grammar, communication etc. but I suppose that creative thinking is about creating something, not about practicing and improving our skills. Are you really sure we chose right area?

- I think, that creative thinking is much more, than creating something. It is literally way of thinking. It's connected with solving problems differently, with asking right questions... Creative thinking makes us more inventive. ...There are various techniques how to be more creative or how to solve problems creatively and integral part of it is communication. So we can easily practise English skills during it. :)

This course is going to be fun!

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